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Yatagarasu was founded in 2017 in Downtown Lafayette by two men with passionate souls for traditional Japanese ramen noodle, with the goal of spreading a unique cuisine and cultural experience.


The concept of our restaurant combines two popular trends from the Japanese food industry – Izakaya & Ramen. Designed for winding down after work, an izakaya is a popular spot for friends or coworkers to gather; they share a variety of small dishes paired with a selection of beer or sake. For the making of ramen broth in Yatagarasu, we preserve the traditional Japanese spirit by using fresh ingredients and simmering the broth for over 8 hours every day. With the fusion of these two trends, we want to make every visit worthwhile for our customers. 


In Japanese mythology, Yatagarasu (three-legged crow) is a divine guide from heaven bringing peace to people. We choose Yatagarasu as our symbol not only to provide a warm and cozy fine-dining experience, but also to share a cultural experience.

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